Instructions to applicant for filling up the online application form

1. All information should be provided. However, fields marked with asterisk (*) are compulsory to be filled.
2. The examination center for computer based examination will be at ICTC Center, Pulchowk, Lalitpur and Paschimanchal Campus, Pokhara.
3. In the name field, First name, Middle name and Last name must be entered in the respective fields. For example: if full name is Tara Prasad Malaha,  then,
First Name: Tara
Middle Name: Prasad
Last Name: Malaha
If there are two words in the applicant’s full name as “Shyam Nepal”, then
First Name: Shyam
Middle Name:
Last Name: Nepal

4. Telephone Contact number of the applicant must be provided with STD code (in case of land line/CDMA)
5. Date of birth and the permanent address must match with information mentioned in academic document or citizenship certificate.
6. Applicant must upload color scanned copy of one of the documents (Citizenship certificate or Passport) as an identification document. This document has to be uploaded for receiving the admit card of the entrance examination.
7. Applicant must upload recently taken digital photo 350*300 pixel(height by width) of prescribed specification. Please see the photo specification for details.
8. After uploading your photo, you have to press Next Button to see your details.
If there is any mistake, please edit the information by pressing edit button
. The information provided in the application form is the sole responsibility of the applicant. There would not be any alteration from the administration after submission. Make sure that every information provided is true and correct before submission
9. Multiple entry is strictly prohibited, be careful to fill up your form.
10. After submission, applicant will get a conformation page.Print this page and keep it with you.This page is mandatory to receive your admit card. If you are unable to print out the confirmation page after submission of your form, you can print it any time by entering your name and date of birth in the verification page.
11. You can download Information Brochure from here.

Error Correction Charges

Students are strongly advised to pay attention while filling up the form to avoid any errors.
After submission of the application form, if any correction has to be done he/she has to pay the following charges:
>>Candidate has to pay NRs 150 to edit six or less number of normal text fields.
For Name, Photo and ID document correction:
>> Name Change, Complete New photo or Complete New ID document upload :- NRs 500 per document
>> Low Resolution Photo Change or Identification Document Change:- NRs 200 per document